About Us


  • Timeline: We met in 2009, Engaged in 2010 in Thailand (above), Married in 2011, and had our first child in 2012 (phew!).
  • Live: we rent a loft apartment in downtown Newark, NJ (people know it better we say Cory Booker is our mayor). We are “urbanists” and hate suburban sprawl (well, it ain’t for us). We can’t wait to have a place to actually make our own.
  • Day Jobs: I do marketing and community events (been self employed for 14 years), he does real estate and small business consulting (been self employed for 3 years). We’re trying to change the city where we met and live.
  • We love to travel and thankfully prior to meeting have visited the same places so we could compare notes and visit new places.
  • We enjoy HGTV – but as a spectator. (We have a corner of never finished/barely started projects)
  • Having a child recently (Baby C) has changed our lives (I guess for everyone, but we had NO clue, no really we didn’t)
  • Mr. C is fashion forward, I am fashion-challenged (and don’t really try, but it’ll be one of my goals for 2013).
  • I write like I talk (please ignore my run-ons) and Mr. C is way more eloquent.
  • We love to entertain – I’m the mixologist, he’s the chef.
  • As a couple – we communicate well, enjoy life and what it throws us and have each other’s backs.
  • I like lists (can you tell?)

The blog is dedicated to the life we wish to create together!

[Picture above was taken snorkeling in Thailand a couple of hour before he proposed!]