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Since 8th Grade I always knew I wanted to go into marketing and advertising. When asked what inspired me – I would say the movie, “Baby Boom.” I’ll be giving away my age for knowing this 1987 movie with Diane Keaton. She plays a dynamo advertising agency executive (which I thought would be my future career), who ends up having a daughter, parenting starts to interfere with her career so she moves somewhere far from the city and ends up starting her own business (in reality became my career). Sadly, despite how “inspiring” it was – I don’t remember details like how did she have the baby as a single mom (adopted, accidental, sperm donor), where did she move or what type of business (maybe baby food?).

Regardless, I haven’t thought about that movie in ages. Today, though, as I quickly dressed my daughter (well put a snuggie over her pjs – shhh), dropped her into her sling, and rushed onto the street for a meeting. It popped into my head. WOW – I was going to a meeting with my daughter and wow – did that inspiring 80s movie really have an impact on me.

I was nervous she would act up, but she listened and looked around and enjoyed the lunch meeting. I hope to integrate her (and any future children) into our businesses and have them experience entrepreneurship and financial management as early as they can. Maybe she won’t need a movie for inspiration but will see the life that was built around them as inspiration enough.